Our main mission is to provide our clients with industrial components, reliable solutions and excellent service.
BASTAI ENZO S.r.l. is a metal engineering company projected towards the future. Our outlook to the world is positive and proactive.
Every day we are ready to face new challenges and new ambitious projects and goals with our professionalism and our competence.
A dynamic approach, competitive costs, excellent suppliers and personnel, fast service, professionalism, reliability are the marks that distinguish us in an increasingly selective industry.

Customer focus

Professionalism, experience and competitiveness: The customer at the centre of the company Bastai Enzo s.r.l. is able to provide a full turnkey service, from the procurement of raw material or semi-finished blanks, to mechanical machining, surface finishing, thermal/surface treatments, testing and all certifications required by the customer.

Our commitment to keep improving our quality and competitiveness is the foundation of both our success and the satisfaction of our customers.

Social responsibility

Bastai Enzo s.r.l. is committed to sustainable development through corporate social responsibility and a constant and active involvement with our local area.

Our strengths

Production efficiency

Consistent performance is the value that best distinguishes us. With highly qualified personnel and technologically-advanced machinery, we make a conscious effort to meet high standards consistently and reliably. We provide a product that meets the expectations of our clients, both in terms of delivery times and value for money.

Training, people and excellence

We pay special attention to our personnel. We have always believed that the most important resource of a company is its people. For this reason, through constant investment in in-house and external training programmes, we have become experts in our industrial sector.

Investments and state-of-the-art technology

We strongly believe in technological development as a path to better overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and streamlined organization in the company. We invest in the best machinery, equipment and leading-edge software to map, monitor and reduce wastage during each stage of our production. We have become one of the first Smart Factories in our area, with a state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 interconnected production system.

Quality and control

Quality control is an integral part of our production process. We have developed a system of data measurement and process control that allows us to monitor every stage of production and ensure maximum reliability.